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Savasana Meditations


Move the body through asana, let asana move the body
then listen as the movement stirs you, touches you deeply.

Be with the prana, let the prana be you,
then release control of the breath, trust it, and float beyond...

... to where you might step into the sky and dance with the stars
or be a bright star or become a star's light

... to where you might breath in the ocean and swim with a dolphin
or be a dolphin or become the current in the sea

... to where you might walk through walls and see beyond dimensions
or be an ageless soul or become timeless and free.

And, when you return from the journey, to the breath, to the body
what you found might be there waiting patiently to be. 


if time isn't linear could past and future be part of present?

they had to google it to learn once there wasn't a google at all

running under a half moon past the star tree on the road to the sun

she had to stop going to see she wasn't going; a warm wind blew

she planned her day: breakfast with baboons, see the zebra before tea, floss

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