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a circle of doors open on summer's first breeze; I dance through the wall

Rainy Days

I follow my heart and it leads me here

across the bluffs in the rain.  I

can not see or hear the waves but

I remember

how I will find you.

Fog blurs the sky and land into one grey,

as wind whispers truth in my ears.

I walk into this misted dream

where time is marked

by your beating heart.

I move in circles and lose my way; this

is the way I know to find you.

Just when you seem furthest away

you're by my side

where you'd always be...

...if I wouldn't forget and let bright sun

get in my eyes.   It takes clouds to

soften the glare and show me where

you wait for me

on those rainy days.


Move the body through asana, let asana move the body then listen as the movement stirs you, touches you deeply.

Be with the prana, let the prana be you, then release control of the breath, trust it, and float beyond...

... to where you might step into the sky and dance with the stars
or be a bright star or become a star's light

... to where you might breath in the ocean and swim with a dolphin
or be a dolphin or become the current in the sea

... to where you might walk through walls and see beyond dimensions
or be an ageless soul or become timeless and free.

And, when you return from the journey, to the breath, to the body what you found might be there waiting patiently to be. 

Moment to Moment

From nowhere there is a moment so free

and I am one with the air and the sea.

The moment is gone.


lost in a worry, 

fast with hurry,

the traffic queue,

the endless list to do

are merely moments too

By chance and by grace here's another like this:

as if time is locked in the lover's kiss.

The moment is gone.


if I don't hurry

with some new worry,

I might breath

into the space,

and see what takes place.

And, there is a moment like a summer breeze:

I walk on air as it opens the doors.

The moment is gone.


the next is here

and then there are more 

moments like these

when I am one 

with the air and the sea.

Comet Back to Earth

Every time I make the journey,

I wonder why I ever leave.

I take a magic carpet ride

beyond the sea, beyond the sky,

to those places I almost know

where I can be warm in the snow,

cry with tears that water my soul,

run through sunny puddles of rain,

sleep through the frog cricket chorus,

as we speak of things without words.

I catch a comet back to earth

but don't seem to notice until

the next time I make the journey

and wonder why I ever leave.

Summer Solstice 

Under the orange sun they danced 

with butterflies painting flowers across a canvas of wheat

In sparkling waters they swam

with dolphins spinning air and sea into a swirl of sky blue

Across great rivers they ran

with pink salmon and skipped stones in sunlit pools of reflection

Deep in the forest they played

hide and seek with green shadows beneath flickering lights of leaves

Tomorrow there's work and sleep

but today there's the dancing and playing of the longest day.

Magic Carpet Ride 

Just before dawn, the white owl

appears.  We soar past the sun

rise to the sea. A blue whale

takes us beyond pink and green

gardens of coral and eels

to the vast desert on the

other side.  A thousand dunes

by camel carry us back

before time to see shooting

stars that become you and I.  

We travel far and wide, deep

inside without leaving at

all; not just a yoga mat

but a magic carpet ride. 

Yin Yang

As morning set the silver moon,
Yang's yellow sun radiated warm noon.

In Yin, meet the dark side of he
And in Yang, challenge herself yet to be.

Whole, nature's circle of change
is seen through wise eyes as peaceful not strange.

Thus, Yang turned to Yin not by chance
but for balance asked, "May I have life's dance?"

And, as evening set sun's golden light
Yin's new moon illuminated love's night.

Erasing Time

I lie in the desert where
the wind erased time.   Turquoise

air spins my silver toe ring into 
gold; my feet turn to sand and

blow away.  Once ankles, shins, 
knees, thighs, now amber shapes of 

these lift grain by grain to twirl,
sparkle, go.   Hips unravel

in a cloud, arms sift out through
fingers, drifting to distant

dunes.  I inhale.  I exhale.
A burst of gold dust scatters

heart and spine and face and mind.
A light dances at the crown

of my head.   It grows smaller,
flickers, goes out.

                                I am the
desert wind erasing time.

Like a Tree

here on the bluff by the sea...

...lifting to lilac melon sky no
more than we are grounded in the brown earth
beneath the rocks,
our roots as deep
as we are tall

...dancing with persistent wind neither
bracing against it nor breaking in it, 
graceful and strong,
we bow and sway
and do not fall

...inhaling the sun and the moon drinking
droplets of dew and eating dream capsules
to grow beyond
dimensions or
words big or small

...exhaling across oceans and heavens
to where smiles are heard and voices are seen;
we go there and
return, without
moving at all

...from here on the bluff by the sea, like a tree.

Back to the Mat

...and then I come back to the mat

no matter that I've been away

for some time or since yesterday

I'm welcomed home …

…with just a breath…

and I already know the way

to go inside and hear whispered

secrets I seemed to know before  

I forgot, but…

...just a movement…

and I remember this magic

carpet ride where my breath is the 

wind on which I glide with my guide

speaking wisdom

…without a word….

from deep in my bones and I know

what's beyond all the thinking, and

the thinking about the thinking

I am there where

… there is no time...

but I want to tell you! and ask 

you!  did you see it too?  I need

words and words need time so I try

to return

…without leaving…

...and then I'll come back to the mat.

Winter Solstice

Glorious golden sun light,

a star burning bright;

we celebrate it rising and setting

as it inspires our practical creativity.

We go out and work and play.

Magical silver moon light

reflecting sun's light;

we celebrate it waxing and waning

as it inspires emotional creativity.

We write songs and poetry

Glorious magical you

go inside tonight

and celebrate winter 's solstice day

for you are inspiration and creativity.

You shine bright.  You reflect light.

"...on the darkest day you might see your light's the way through the longest night"

Art of Chandra

December 20 2013

Time Travel

Where does the time go

and where does it come from?


I went early so I

might see myself arrive.

But, when I got there I was

just leaving.   In a boat


I rowed across the sky,

against the wind.  But, when

I missed the sun as it set,

I ran through rain and tears


to my door, where I held

the bird that died on the

step.  And, when the sun rose, he

flew away with my pain.


Someday they will google

and learn once there wasn't

a google at all.  That's when

they'll make the time to come


back and sit as we tell

stories of grandparents

and those who came before.  Then,

we’ll ask the travelers,


“Where does the time go

and where does it come from?”


Lala Salama

I fell asleep to the lullaby of the tree frogs.  


"Lala salama: they sang 

"Lighten the night with your sweetest of dreams"  


So I dreamt I found my 

way to the river in 

the deepest dark of the

jungle.  The stardust  I

 found in my pocket and

tossed in the air became

a thousand fire flies that 

lit the way. They were all

there at the river's edge: 

the bears, the big cats, the 

rabbit, the deer, even 

the cobra.    "It's safe here," 

they said "We don't need to 

beat the drums.  They just play."   

And, on that endless night

we danced by the river; 

we didn't miss the sun.


I fell awake to the coda of the morning birds


"Lala salama" they sang 

"Brighten the day with your sweetest of dreams"